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Francis X Stankard

Francis X Stankard - Director of LXE Inc.; Vice Chairman American Express Bank; Chase Manhattan Top Executive
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Francis X. Stankard has been a Director of LXE Inc. since 1991. Mr. Stankard serves as Vice Chairman, American Express Bank, Ltd., a subsidiary of American Express Co. engaged in international banking operations in 40 countries around the world since 1994. Mr. Stankard had served as Chairman, FXS, Inc., a consulting firm for international financial matters from 1991 to 1994. Previously, Mr. Stankard was Chair- man of the Chase Manhattan Overseas Banking Corporation ... from 1987 to 1992. From 1975 until his retirement in 1991, Mr. Stankard was an Executive Vice President of The Chase Manhattan Bank, N.A.,%20Inc.

Francis X. Stankard, Knight of SMOM and Chief Executive Officer of the International Division of Chase Manhattan Bank has led "Evenings of Conversation'' at the Opus Dei Headquarters at the Riverside Study Center, 330 Riverside Drive, New York City. Other SMOMs at these sessions included William Simon and Frank Shakespeare (now Ambassador to Portugal), both of whom are Trustees of the Heritage Foundation, of which Shakespeare was Chairman of the Board. Evenings of Conversation, a pamphlet distributed in 1984 by Riverside Study Center.

Opus Dei also controls a wide range of media assets (600 newspapers, 52 radio and TV stations, 12 film companies and 38 news agencies) and sponsors educational and social programs in various countries. These efforts have been endorsed by members of the American section of the SMOM such as William Simon (Citicorp) and Francis X. Stankard (Chase Manhattan Bank), who have spoken at Opus Dei seminars and other functions of the group.

A partial list of the Knights and Dames of Malta reads like a Who’s Who of American Catholicism:[...]
Francis X Stankard
- CEO of the international division of Chase Manhattan Bank, a Rockefeller institution. (Nelson Rockefeller was also a major CIA figure.)

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