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Luigi Parrilli

Baron Luigi Parrilli - Fascist Italian Aristocrat; Intermediary between SS and Allan Dulles

Baron Luigi Parrilli was an Italian aristocrat who was a fascist sympathizer, who took part in the negotiations between SS leaders and the CIA's future director, Allen Dulles, during Operation paperclip.
Also, SMOM members Roger Pearson and James Jesus Angleton have edited the rightwing Journal of International Relations . (Pearson, former Editor of the racist journals Western Destiny and Mankind Quarterly , currently sits on the board of trustees for the American Foreign Policy Institute. In 1977, he was removed as head of the U.S. branch of the World Anti-Communist League, a Reverend Moon-financed organization, because he was "too extreme!" Angleton had worked with Luigi Gedda of Catholic Action to fight communism through the Civic Committees and rig the 1948 Italian elections.) SMOM Baron Luigi Parrilli became the go-between of Allan Dulles, U.S. General Lemnitzer, and S.S. General Karl Wolff in 1945. SMOM members De Lorenzo and Prince Borghese each supported fascist coups in Italy in 1964 (the Solo Plan) and 1970. In the 80s, a joint project of the SMOM, Rev. Moon's Nicaraguan Freedom Fund (NFF), and Pat Robertson's Christian Broadcasting Network, called the Americares Project, shipped over $ 15 million in "humanitarian aid" to Latin America. Some of Americares "aid" went, through SMOM 'houses', to Guatemalan 'model village' military peasant-resettlement programs, Contra-backed Miskito insurgents in Nicaragua, and the Salvadoran air force.

As Roman Catholic author Penny Lernoux reveals in her "People of God": "After the war, the Vatican, the OSS, the SS, and various branches of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta joined to do battle against the common Soviet enemy - and to help Nazi war criminals escape... Baron Luigi Parrilli, an Italian aristocrat and Knight of Malta/papal chamberlain, took part in negotiations between SS leaders and the CIA's Allen Dulles."
The Sovereign Military Order of Malta

Wherever one turns in investigating P2, Gladio, the "black aristocracy," international terrorism, or the Nazi International, one encounters the SMOM—the Sovereign Military and Hospitaller Order of St. John of Jerusalem, of Rhodes, and of Malta, known as "the Knights of St. John" or the "Knights of Malta."

They were omnipresent in the establishment of the financial and human infrastructure of modern international terrorism already during World War II, and immediately thereafter. SMOM member Baron Luigi Parilli, an industrialist with high-level connections into both Hitler's SS and SD in Italy, and to Mussolini's intelligence services, was the main liaison between SS Gen. Karl Wolff and Allen Dulles in Berne.
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