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William Edward Simon, Jr.

William Edward Simon, Jr. - Assistant United States Attorney; Co-founded William E. Simon & Sons, a global merchant bank; Co-chair o/t William E. Simon Foundation.

William Edward Simon, Jr. (born June 20, 1951), best known as Bill Simon, is an American businessman and politician. In 2002, Simon campaigned unsuccessfully for Governor of California as a Republican against Democratic incumbent Gray Davis. Billed as a "conservative Republican," the virtually unknown Simon's campaign was significantly boosted by support from better-known Republican officeholders from out of state, including former New York City Mayor Rudolph Giuliani.


Simon was born in Neptune, New Jersey, the son of William E. Simon, Sr., the 63rd Secretary of the Treasury under Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford. Coincidentally, Simon was a childhood friend of current Democratic party chair Howard Dean.

Simon earned a B.A. from Williams College in 1973, where he was admitted to the Zeta Psi fraternity, and a J.D. from Boston College in 1982. From 1986 to 1988, Simon served as Assistant United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York, working under then-U.S. Attorney Rudolph Giuliani.

In 1988, Simon, together with his father and brother J. Peter Simon, co-founded William E. Simon & Sons, a global merchant bank. The two brothers are also the co-chairs of the William E. Simon Foundation.
For all the aggression of his father's parenting style, Bill Simon Jr. followed him in his politics ("basically a chip off the old block in terms of his perspective," Feulner says); his deeply felt, conservative Catholicism (a Knight of Malta, Simon makes a pilgrimage to the cathedral in Lourdes, France, every year); and ultimately, his career.
Bill Simon, Jr., the 2002 California Republican Gubernatorial candidate, delivered the annual Presidents' Day Address at the College before a packed St. Joseph Commons on February 17, 2003. Among other endeavors, Simon is Co-Chairman of the William E. Simon Foundation, founded by his deceased father to engage in a wide-variety of philanthropic interests. Like his father, Simon has been a loyal friend of the College, which he calls, "a sanctified island in a secular sea." He is a graduate of William's College and Boston College Law School. A Knight of Malta, he and his wife, Cynthia, have four children. Following is an abridged version of his remarks. (Proof Positive)
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