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SMOM Insignia, Formal Attire, Flag and Coinage

SMOM insignia, the "Maltese Cross" + Lt. Col. Bogle wearing the insignia (src: )
The insignia of the Order symbolizes the character of the Knights and Dames, and the work they perform on behalf of the Order.

* THE SHIELD with a white cross on a red background from which the insignia hangs represents the ensign of the Order.
* TWIRLED RIBBON represents fidelity.
* SMALL CROSS just above the crown – the wooden cross upon which Christ died.
* THE CROWN directly below the cross – the sovereignty of the Order.
* THE MALTESE CROSS hanging below the crown – the badge of the Order.
* THE FOUR ARMS OF THE CROSS – the virtues of temperance, prudence, justice and fortitude.
* THE WHITE IN THE ARMS OF THE CROSS – purity of deed.
* THE EIGHT POINTS OF THE CROSS – the eight Beatitudes as proclaimed by Christ in his Sermon on the Mount

The photograph is the insignia of a Knight of Magisteral Grace, a member of the third class which is the predominant class.

The insignia of a Serving Brother of the Most Venerable Order of the Hospital of Saint John of Jerusalem (Order of Saint John or OSJ) (Protestant Branch of SMOM)
For the profession of a SMOM "Knight of Justice" see:
For an excellent overview of the various medals and insignia of SMOM, visit: to keep in mind is the Cross of Merit:

SMOM Formal Attire


Knights Of Malta - Life Of Pope John Paul II - Proof Crown - Homecoming To Krakow/Arrival Of The Pope In Poland - 10 Liras - 2005
For older coins, check out:

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