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Maxwell M. Rabb

Maxwell M. Rabb - US Businessman, Politician, Lawyer and Ambassador

U.N. Under-Secretary General, H.E. Ibrahim Gambari & former U.S. Ambassador to Italy, Maxwell Rabb

The Maxwell M. Rabb Page

Rabb was a Trustee of the AHF between April 1969 and August 1974. He was a partner of Stroock Stroock & Lavan.

"Maxwell M. Rabb '35 of New York City died June 9, 2002. He began his career practicing law in Boston with his brother George and then joined Massachusetts Senator Henry Cabot Lodge Jr.'s administrative staff in Washington, D.C. He also served as administrative assistant to Senators Leverett Saltonstall and Sinclair Weeks. After WWII, he became legal consultant to Secretary of the Navy James Forrestal. Rabb returned to Boston in 1946 to resume his law practice and later helped organize the draft-Eisenhower campaign, beginning his long association with Republican presidents. He served five U.S. presidents in various roles--including secretary of the Cabinet, U.S. ambassador to Italy, chairman of the U.S. delegation to UNESCO, member of the Presidential Commission on Income Maintenance Programs, and member of the presidential panel on India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh--and was the U.S. delegate to the World Bank. He returned to his law practice in the late 1980s." (In Memoriam - Harvard Law Bulletin, Fall 2002.)

Rabb was a member of Eisenhower's election campaign staff in 1952; the President's associate counsel in 1953; and Secretary to the Cabinet, 1953-1958. He was a correspondent of former Kohn, Loeb banker Lewis Lichtenstein Strauss between 1959 and 1971.

"Latest Republican to switch to LBJ is Maxwell Rabb. He served as secretary to the cabinet in the Eisenhower administration." (Kup's Column. The Chicago Sun Times, Sep. 23, 1964.)
Maxwell M. Rabb was appointed to the Commission on Income Maintenance Programs (the Heineman Commission on welfare and related programs, 1968-1970) by President Johnson. Other members included Anna Rosenberg Hoffman and Henry S. Rowen, president of the Rand Corp.
"Role of the Cabinet in the Ford Administration." Memo from Ford Cabinet Secretary James E. Connor to Donald Rumsfeld, March 28, 1975, on his meeting with Eisenhower Cabinet Secretary Max Rabb. Connor comments that "Rabb's suggestions would, of course, substantially strengthen the role of the Cabinet and would give the President a style of government markedly different from his last three predecessors."
The Department of Defense (Rumsfeld)
Rabb was a director of Data Systems & Software Inc. (DSSI) from 1992 until his death in 2002.
Rabb was Committee Co-Chair of The Sister City Program of the City of New York, 2001 (with Tokyo, Japan).
Rabb was a member of the board of directors of the George C. Marshall International Center.
Rabb was a director of Sterling Bancorp from 1989 until his death.
Maxwell Rabb

Graduated from Harvard Law School in 1935. Long time New York lawyer in between government appointments. Administrative assistant to Senator Henry Cabot Lodge 1937-1943, who became a member of the Pilgrims Society's executive committee. Legal and legislative counsel to Secretary of the Navy James Forrestal at the end of WWII, who was a banker at Dillon Read (funded the Nazis through a partnership with the Thyssens), and the person who supposedly helped put together Majestic-12. Assistant to President Eisenhower 1953-1959. Member of the Executive Committee of the U.S. Commission for UNESCO 1959-1960. Chair of the US delegation to UNESCO in Paris. Said to have gone into business with Ed Levinson, a Meyer Lansky associate, when he left the Eisenhower government. Accused of numerous other mafia connections. Long time director of Sterling National Bank, which was founded by the New York mafia and was accused in the 1980s of having laundered millions of dollars from Michele Sindona (worked with every mafia boss in Italy and the US; one of the most trusted Vatican financiers in the 60s and 70s; business partner of the Mormon bishop David M. Kennedy (Bohemian Grove camp Mandalay) to whom he was introduced by Bishop Paul Marcinkus of the Vatican Bank in 1963; funneled Opus Dei money to SMOM member Prince Valerio Borghese in 1965, a leader of the post-WWII Fascist International, together with the House of Savoy and Otto Skorzeny; business partner of Roberto Calvi since 1968; praised by Giulio Andreotti, the hidden head of the P-2 Lodge, an Opus Dei member, and a member of Le Cercle; close associate of Licio Gelli, the official head of the P-2 Lodge; due to excessive speculation his financial empire crumbled in the mid-1970s; ended up in jail for life, and after he threatened to talk, he was found poisened by cyanide in a maximum security prison). Friend of Prince Bernhard. Largest shareholder of Finance International (Intercontinental), a London firm headed by 1001 Club member and known swindler Ali Ahmed, who was rumored to have been involved in large-scale diamond, gold, and weapons smuggle in the 1940s and 1950s. Finance International had a business alliance with the Dutch firm Comtrax since 1966. Comtrax was founded in 1940 and acted as a front company for British intelligence during WWII. On the other hand, its founder and head, Guillaume Meertens, was the favorite agent of Klaus Barbie when the latter was stationed in Holland. Some suspect Comtrax of having been a key firm in evacuating some of the Nazis in the wake of WWII. Ferdinand Grapperhaus of the 1001 Club was also involved with Comtrax. Meertens would introduce Prince Bernhard and Ali Ahmed to the French Edmond de Rothschild at about the time of the business alliance. Edmond is said to have been a business partner of Michele Sindona. Member of the CFR since the late 1970s. US Ambassador to Italy 1981-1989. Received the Grand Cross of the Order of the Knights of Malta in 1989. Director of Sister City Program City of New York, MIC Industries, and Data Software Systems Inc. Partner in Kramer, Levin, Naftalis & Frankel LLP 1991-2002. Died in 2002.
Ambassador Rabb was decorated by President Gronchi of Italy with the Commendatore Order of Merit, and with the Grand Cross of the Order of Merit of the Republic of Italy. He was also presented with the Grand Cross of the Order of the Knights of Malta. (Proof Positive)
Social Network Diagram:
Italy 1981-1986

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