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Philip Allen Lacovara

Philip Allen Lacovara - Senior Partner in the law firm of Mayer, Brown, Rowe, & Law in New York City; President of the District of Columbia Bar and Chairman of the American Bar Association Section of Individual Rights and Responsibilities; Deputy Solicitor General

PHILIP A. LACOVARA, Esq. Mr. Lacovara is Senior Partner in the law firm of Mayer, Brown, Rowe, & Law in New York City. Former President of the District of Columbia Bar and Chairman of the American Bar Association Section of Individual Rights and Responsibilities, Mr. Lacovara was Counsel to the Watergate Special Prosecutors and Special Counsel to the New York City Police Commissioner. He also served as Deputy Solicitor General of the United States. A husband and father of seven children, Mr. Lacovara lives in New Canaan.

Legends in the Law

Philip Allen Lacovara
(Appeared in Washington Lawyer, January 2005)

Philip Allen Lacovara is currently senior counsel with the law firm of Mayer, Brown, Rowe & Maw LLP in New York. A 1966 graduate of Columbia Law School, Lacovara has served in numerous capacities in government, private practice, and private business, including law clerk to Judge Harold Leventhal of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit, deputy solicitor general, counsel to Watergate special prosecutors Archibald Cox and Leon Jaworski, vice president and senior counsel of the General Electric Company, and partner at two law firms.

He has argued more than a dozen cases in the U.S. Supreme Court, including United States v. Nixon in 1974.

Lacovara was president of the District of Columbia Bar for the 1988–89 term and was general counsel to the Bar from 1985 to 1987.

Where did you grow up?
New York. My father was a trusts and estates lawyer in the city, and our family lived in the suburbs, where I went to a Jesuit high school.

When did you first come to Washington?
Nineteen sixty. At my high school it was frowned upon for anyone to even consider going to a non-Catholic college, so I only applied to two colleges: Georgetown and Holy Cross. I chose Georgetown because I was interested in studying political science. It seemed to me that if you’re interested in politics, Washington is where the action is. I arrived on campus in the final year of the Eisenhower administration, when the Nixon–Kennedy campaign was taking place. That was an exciting time to come to town.

Did you enjoy Georgetown?
Yes, I liked it a lot. My situation was a bit complicated because my wife, Madeline, and I got married during my second year at Georgetown. By the time I graduated we already had one child, with a second child on the way. So it was not your normal college experience. I had to juggle the responsibilities of studying with the responsibilities of being a new husband and a new father.

Management and business; academic research, teaching and lecturing; government service and public policy formulation; corporate legal counseling, including securities, antitrust and corporate governance; litigation, including Supreme Court, appellate and trial litigation and regulatory enforcement.

Notable Engagements
Cases Argued in the Supreme Court of the United States : Grimmett v. Brown, 519 U.S. 233, 1997 • Crandon v. United States, 494 U.S. 152, 1990 • Boyle v. United Technologies Corp., 487 U.S. 500, 1988 • Bowsher, Comptroller General v. Merck & Co., 460 U.S. 824, 1983 • Rodriguez v. Popular Democratic Party, 457 U.S. 1, 1982 • Northwest Airlines, Inc. v. Transport Workers Union, 451 U.S. 77, 1981 • Washington v. Washington State Commercial Passenger Fishing Vessel Association, 443 U.S. 658, 1979 • United States v. Nixon, 418 U.S. 683, 1974 • Almeida-Sanchez v. United States, 413 U.S. 266, 1973 • Bradley v. United States, 410 U.S. 65, 1973 • United States v. Dionisio, 410 U.S. 1, 1973 • United States v. Mara, 410 U.S. 19, 1973 • United States v. Russell, 411 U.S. 23, 1973 • United States v. U.S. Coin and Currency, 401 U.S. 715, 1971 • United States v. Covington, 395 U.S. 57, 1969 • United States v. Nardello, 393 U.S. 286, 1969.

Mayer Brown LLP, New York and Washington, D.C., Senior Counsel and Retired Partner, 2004 to date; Partner • Morgan Stanley & Co., Managing Director, General Counsel, and member of Management Committee, New York, 1990-1993 • General Electric Co., Vice President and Senior Counsel for Litigation and Legal Policy, Fairfield, CT, 1988-1990 • Hughes Hubbard & Reed, Washington, D.C., Partner-in- Charge, 1974-1988; Associate, New York City, 1969-1971 • Watergate Special Prosecutor's Office, Counsel to Special Prosecutor, Washington, D.C., 1973-1974 • Office of the Solicitor General, Department of Justice: Deputy Solicitor General, 1972-1973; Assistant to the Solicitor General, 1967-1969, Washington, D.C. • New York City Police Department, Special Counsel to the Police Commissioner, New York, 1971-1972 • Law Clerk to The Honorable Harold Leventhal, U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia, 1966-1967. Governmental or Public Positions: Delegation Member, United States Department of Commerce and Department of Justice Legal Mission to Japan, 1992 • New York State Superintendent of Banks Advisory Committee on Supervision of Transnational Banking Institutions, 1991-1992, appointed by Governor Cuomo • Delegation Member, United States Department of Commerce Legal Mission to the European Community, 1991 • Judicial Conference of the District of Columbia Circuit, 1973-1990 • Judicial Conference of the District of Columbia, 1983-1989 • Special Counsel to Governor of Alaska, Impeachment Inquiry, 1985 • Committee on Admissions and Grievances, United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit, 1979-1985; Secretary, 1980-1982; Chairman, 1983-1985 • District of Columbia Judicial Nomination Commission, appointed by President Ronald Reagan, 1981-1985 • Advisory Committee on Procedures, United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit, 1977-1983; Chairman, 1982-1983 • Board of Trustees, Public Defender Service of the District of Columbia 1976-1981; Chairman 1977-1979 • Special Counsel, United States House of Representatives Committee on Standards of Official Conduct, Ethics Committee, for Korean influence investigation, 1976-1977.

Columbia University Law School, J.D. summa cum laude, 1966; First in class each year; awarded John Ordronaux Prize as outstanding graduate; Chairman of Board of Visitors Columbia Law School, 1991-1995 • Georgetown University, B.A. magna cum laude, 1963; Pi Sigma Alpha • Executive Development Program, European Institute of Business Administration (INSEAD), Fall 1989

New York, 1967 • District of Columbia, 1974 • U.S. Supreme Court, 1970 • Solicitor of the Supreme Court of England and Wales, 2003 • U.S. District Court for the Southern, Eastern, and Northern Districts of New York and for the District of Columbia • U.S. Courts of Appeals for the First, Second, Third, Fifth, Seventh, Eighth, Ninth, Eleventh and District of Columbia and Federal Circuits • Member, London Court of International Arbitration
Awards and Honours
Charles A. Horsky Awards for Outstanding Lawyering, presented by the Brennan Center for Justice at New York University, 1997 • Columbia University Medal for Excellence, awarded by Trustees of the University, 1975 • “Who's Who in America” • “Who's Who in American Law” • “Who's Who in Industry & Finance” • “Litigation: An International Who’s Who of Commercial Litigators” • “Who's Who Legal: The International Who's Who of Business Lawyers” • Knight of Malta (Sovereign Military Hospitaller Order of Knights of St. John of Jerusalem, of Rhodes, and of Malta)

http://www.mayerbrown.com/lawyers/printprof...sp?hubbardid=L454506994 (Proof Positive)
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