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George Raymond Rocca

George Raymond Rocca - Deputy Chief of CIA Counterintelligence under Angleton; Head of CIA section: Research and Analysis, CI/R&A.


Employment History

*Deputy Chief of the Staff

*Angleton's Deputy Chief of Counterintelligenee Division

*Counter-Intelligence Officer

*Chief of Research and Analysis In the Counterintelligence Division

*Chief of Research and Analysis Group
DD/P Counter-Intelligence

*Member, Staff
DD/P Counter-Intelligence

*Chief of Research and Analysis for the Staff

*Chief of Research and Analysis for the Staff



Raymond Rocca (born February 22, 1917) was reputedly ANGLETON'S chief deputy. Raymond Rocca attended the University of California at Berkeley, where he studied Fascist Italy. In 1942 he received a Doctorate Degree in 1942. He went into the Analytical Section of the Foreign Broadcast Intelligence Service, where he learned content analysis as a Italian broadcast analyst. He joined the OSS Counter-Intelligence component in April 1944. He remained in Italy in the service of the OSS and its successor agencies, the Strategic Services Unit and the CIA. Raymond Rocca met ANGLETON in August 1944 and became his executive assistant.
Raymond Rocca remained in Italy until after the 1948 elections and was ANGLETON'S liaison with the Italian intelligence service until his own return to Washington in the Summer of 1953. Raymond Rocca joined the DD/P Counter-Intelligence Staff in July 1955, as chief of its Research and Analysis Group. His functions there included production and editing of finished Counter-Intelligence studies, case studies, briefings, defector debriefings, accumulation of Counter-Intelligence doctrine, and research, stimulation and participation in Counter-Intelligence training. In July 1969 Raymond Rocca became Deputy Chief of the Counter-Intelligence Staff. Clare Edward Petty reported: "Rocca was the head of a CI section called Research and Analysis, CI/R&A.
MEMORANDUM FOR: Chief, CI/RA [Raymond Rocca]

- On December 27, 1946 James Angleton received the Croci Al Merito Seconda Classe from the Order, the same day as George Raymond Rocca. Rocca went on to become Angleton's deputy chief of Counterintelligence Division of the CIA and was the liaison between the Warren Commission and the CIA following the Kennedy Assassination. (See sidebar.)

The Knights of Malta were an offshoot of the Knights of St. John, who, like the Teutonic Knights, fought in the Crusades. The Knights of Malta became an ultra-conservative international group granted sovereignty by the Vatican. On December 27, 1946, ANGLETON received the Knights of Malta's Croci Al Merito Seconda Classe, the same day as Raymond Rocca.

After the war, Gehlen was hired by the newly created CIA to organize its operations in Europe! CIA directors known to be Knights of Malta have been John McCone and William Casey, and so was George Rocca, a deputy chief of CIA counter-intelligence. The Knights of Malta were almost certainly involved in the guns-for-drugs Iran-Contra affair in the US, which brought Oliver North to world public attention. North was represented at the hearings by the law firm of Bennett Williams, a Knight of Malta. One of the Americans who intervened to ensure that selected Nazi personnel escaped from Germany to the United States after the war was the industrialist, J. Peter Grace, the one-time American head of the Knights of Malta. This Order is an ultra-extreme authoritarian organisation which connects with the highest levels of the Elite web.

On another note, I just finished watching "The Good Shepherd" for the third time. As you know it is about the CIA's Counterintelligence wing led by SMOM James Angleton with his right hand man, the Jesuit Fordham trained SMOM Italian Roman Catholic Raymond Rocca. Thus the Jesuits controlled the apex of CIA power via Angleton and Rocca. It was here at this pinnacle that the Order united the CIA with the British MI5/MI6, with the Soviet KGB, with the Israeli Mossad, with French Intelligence, with the Shah's SAVAK, INTERPOL, etc. This is the Black Pope's International Intelligence Community financed by the Black Pope's International Drug Trade with its trillions laundered through the Black Pope's International Banking Community run by the Knights of Malta. This is the picture described in VAIII.

SMOM by mention:
Social Network Diagram:

Italy 1944-1953

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