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James A. Fayne

James A. Fayne - Hornblower & Weeks, investments; Founding Member o/t American Association of SMOM

Millionaires - Monday, Dec. 13, 1926

The Knights of Malta, most distinguished of Catholic organizations, created last week its first U. S. group—with the election of ten U. S. millionaires, whose function, in common with that of their foreign brothers, will be to aid the Pope in maintaining charities in Rome. Glancing down the list of available candidates, Count Gian Galeazzo de Thun Hohenstein, Grand Master, checked the following for honors; mailed bulls to them: In Manhattan, six: Marquis Nicholas Frederic Brady (President, N. Y. Edison Co.); Patrick Edward Crowley (President, N. Y. Central R. R.); James Augustine Farrell (President, U. S. Steel Corp.); James A. Fayne (Hornblower & Weeks, investments); Morgan Joseph O'Brien (lawyer); John D. Ryan (Chairman, Anaconda Copper Co.). In Chicago, two: Edward Francis Carry (President, Pullman Co.); Edward Nash Hurley (manufacturer). In Boston, one: Col. James J. Phelan (banker). In Claymont, Del., one: John J. Raskob (Vice President, Du Pont Powder, Vice President, General Motors). The new U. S. association will be empowered to create other members. Prominent political leaders aside, commentators thought of Millionaires Thomas Fortune Ryan (mining, street railways); Charles A. Whelan (President, United Cigar Stores); onetime (1915-21) Senator James Duval Phelan of Salifornia (who donated $1,000,000 to San Francisco earthquake relief).,8816,722890,00.html
When the American Association of SMOM was created in 1927 the founding members included Patrick Cardinal Hayes, Edward L. Hearn, Nicholas F. Brady, Howard F. Carry, Patrick E. Crowley, James A. Farrell, James A. Fayne, Edward N. Hurley, James J. Phelan, Morgan J. O'Brien, John J. Raskob, and John D. Ryan.
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