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Thomas Melady

Dr. Thomas Melady - Ambassador to the Vatican, Uganda, Burundi; Senior Adviser to the U.S. Delegation to the United Nations; Executive Vice President of St. Joseph's University (Jesuit); President of Sacred Heart University

March, 1995

Omicron Rho Officers with guest speaker Dr. Thomas Melady, former US Ambassador to Uganda, Burundi, and the Vatican, who lectured on "Religion in Politics." From left, '94/'95 Omicron Rho President Christine Wood, Ambassador Melady, Vice President Jim Sullivan, Kevin Smith.
Former Ambassador Thomas Melady Endorses Governor Mitt Romney
Tuesday, Nov 06, 2007

CONTACT: Kevin Madden (857) 288-6390

Boston, MA – Today, Governor Mitt Romney announced that Ambassador Thomas Melady, the former U.S. Ambassador to the Vatican from 1989 to 1993, has endorsed his candidacy for President of the United States.

Making today's announcement, Ambassador Melady said, "In Governor Mitt Romney, I have found a candidate who represents the family values that are so important to me. His appreciation for the value of a strong family is clearly exhibited in his vision for America. He understands that every decision he would face, affects the American family. I look forward to working to help Mitt bring his family friendly change to Washington."

Welcoming Ambassador Melady's support, Governor Romney said, "Ambassador Melady has served our country with honor and distinction, and I am proud to have his support and his leadership. We recognize that our leaders in Washington can do more to help build stronger families in America. Ambassador Melady will be a valuable counselor as we bring conservative, pro-family change to our nation's capital."

Background on Ambassador Thomas Melady:

Ambassador Thomas Melady Served As U.S. Ambassador To The Holy See From 1989 To 1993. Currently a Professor and Senior Diplomat in Residence at The Institute of World Politics, Ambassador Melady has had a career in diplomacy, higher education and public affairs. He served in four diplomatic posts as U.S. Ambassador to Burundi, U.S. Ambassador to Uganda, Senior Adviser to the U.S. Delegation to the United Nations, and U.S. Ambassador to the Holy See. In higher education, he has served as Executive Vice President of St. Joseph's University, and as President of Sacred Heart University. He was also Assistant U.S. Secretary of Education for Post-Secondary Education under President Reagan. He is a Knight in Obedience of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta and is Vice Delegate in the United States for the Sacred Military Constantinian Order of St. George. Ambassador Melady also served on the National Board of Directors of the National Conference of Christians and Jews and the International League for Human Rights. He and his wife, the former Margaret Badum, have two daughters.
The Latest News from the Federal Association
Federal Association Pilgrimage to Croatia, July 2006

Every day members of the Order of Malta pray for “the intercession of the most holy Virgin of Philermos.” The prayer has acquired more vivid meaning for a group from the Federal Association who traveled in July to a mountain town towering over the Adriatic Sea to venerate the ancient icon of Our Lady of Philermos.

From the 14th century, when the Order was based on the island of Rhodes, this icon from the monastery of Mount Philermos on Rhodes was the hospitaller knights’ most precious possession. The Knights took the icon with them to Malta, but when they were forced to surrender Malta to Napoleon’s military forces, the icon began an odyssey through Europe to Russia and down to the Balkan peninsula. Today the icon is in Montenegro, one of Europe’s most ancient nations, in past centuries a kingdom and now the continent’s newest independent republic, having won diplomatic recognition only weeks before the pilgrimage.

Cardinal Theodore McCarrick led the Federal Association’s pilgrimage, organized by Ambassador Thomas Melady and his wife Margaret. The Cardinal and the pilgrim group traveled for six days in Croatia before the culminating visit to Montenegro. Montenegrin President Filip Vujanovic' welcomed the Federal Association pilgrims to his official residence in Cetinje, near the National Museum where the icon is carefully conserved and displayed in a special chapel. The Orthodox monks of Cetinje also received the pilgrims at the shrine where they keep relics of St. John the Baptist and of the Holy Cross, also formerly in the custody of our Order in Rhodes and Malta. Cardinal McCarrick celebrated Mass for the pilgrims at Montenegro’s 12th-century Cathedral of St. Tryphon on the magnificent bay of Kotor. The Cardinal also celebrated Mass for the group in venerable churches and cathedrals in several cities of Croatia. (Proof Positive)
Melady, Thomas P. SMOM • Ambassador to the Vatican (1989-93)
Thomas Melady, a member and a former U.S. ambassador to the Vatican, said that in the Washington, D.C., area alone, the Knights of Malta run a soup kitchen, a meals-on-wheels service, and a home for assisted living, as well as providing help at a clinic for the terminally ill.

"As a member, there are two main things. You are expected to contribute money and do hands-on works of mercy -- whether it's dealing with the sick or handing out food in the soup kitchen. We conduct many activities, but it's not with a loud voice," Melady said.

Part of the Knights' mission always has been defending the faith. But unlike the time of the Crusades, that is no longer accomplished through military means, but through quiet dedication to church teachings, Bertie said.
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