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William A. Schreyer

William A. Schreyer - President of Merrill Lynch; Vice Chairman New York Stock Exchange; CFR; Businessman

William Schreyer

AKA William A. Schreyer

Born: c. 1927

Religion: Roman Catholic
Occupation: Business
Party Affiliation: Republican

Nationality: United States
Executive summary: CEO of Merrill Lynch, 1984-92

Father: William L. Schreyer (d. 1952)
Wife: Joan

High School: Williamsport High School, Williamsport, PA (1945)
University: Business Administration, Pennsylvania State University (1948)
Administrator: Trustee, Pennsylvania State University (1986-95)

Merrill Lynch CEO (1984-92)
Member of the Board of AEA Investors Inc.
Member of the Board of Callaway Golf Co.
Member of the Board of Deere
Member of the Board of Marbo, Inc.
Member of the Board of Merrill Lynch (as Chairman, 1985-93)
Member of the Board of New York Stock Exchange (as Vice Chairman, 1987-90)
Member of the Board of Schering-Plough
Member of the Board of True North Communications (1993-)
Member of the Board of Willis Cooroon Group
George Bush Presidential Library
Alfalfa Club 1988
Center for Strategic & International Studies Trustee
Council on Foreign Relations
George W. Bush for President
Institute for Advanced Study
Romney for President
Rudy Giuliani Presidential Committee
Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity
Recent American members of SMOM have included the late William Casey (American C.I.A. director), Lee Iacocca (chairman of the Chrysler Corporation), Alexander Haig (former U.S. Secretary of State), and William A. Schreyer (president of Merrill Lynch).

In addition to those listed in the article, the following are some other Knights of SMOM of interest:
- William A. Schreyer: President Merrill Lynch 1978-present; Chairman since 1981.
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