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Hermann Abs

Dr. Hermann Josef Abs - "Hitler's Paymaster" as Head o/t Deutsche Bank; Board-member of IG Farben, Daimler Benz, Siemens

While Germany's bankers were collectively responsible for the financing of Hitler's war effort, the dean of them all is Herman Josef Abs. Money was his life, and his astuteness in banking and international financial manipulations enabled Deutsche Bank to serve as leader in fueling the ambitions and accomplishments of Adolf Hitler and Martin Bormann. His dominance was retained when the Federal Republic of Germany picked itself up from the ashes; he was still there as chairman of Deutsche Bank, director of I.G Farben, and of such others as Daimler-Benz and the giant electrical conglomerate, Siemans. Abs became a financial advisor to the first West German chancellor, Konrad Adenauer, and was a welcome visitor in the Federal Chancellery under Mr. Adenauer's successors, Ludwig Erhard and Kurt George Keisinger ...

... (Bormann's) friendship with Dr. Herman Josef Abs predated Abs's move into the management of Deutsche Bank. Dr. Abs had been a partner in the prestigious private bank of Delbruck, Schickler & Co. in Berlin. Recalling those days, Abs has written:

'The Reich Chancellery in Berlin was its largest account, and it was through this account that Adolf Hitler received his salary as Chancellor of the Reich.'

... Reichsleiter Bormann knew that his relationship with Abs would tighten as his own power grew ... He knew in 1943 that with his Nazi banking committee well established, he had the means to ... set new Nazi state policy when the time was ripe for the general transfer of capital, gold, stocks, and bearer bonds to safety in neutral nations.

Ibid, p 87

History has largely ignored bankers in favor of other subjects. History, and those who write it (and their masters) apparently want us to think politicians and generals are more important to the state. Bankers, of course, feel differently. They tend, and not with out reason, to be as furtive as much as possible. While we are cheering the politicians and saluting the generals, we are not noticing the bankers, who are picking our pockets. This suits the bankers' ends, thus history slants their relative importance.

Baron Kurt von Schroeder, a well-known banker ... and economic advisor to Bormann's economic committee, commented that Dr. Herman Josef Abs, chairman of Deutsche Bank, was particularly important to the government of the Third Reich.

His influence was mainly with the Reichsbank and with the Ministry of Economics. Abs proved very valuable to the party and to the government by using his bank to assist the government in doing business in the occupied countries and other foreign countries. Abs enjoyed excellent relations with Walther Funk, who was both president of the Reichsbank and head of the Ministry of Economics ...

... Branch managers of Deutsche Bank were to a man members of the party ...

Ibid., p 69

This is the same Hermann Abs who was chosen by Pope John Paul II to oversee the reorganization of the Vatican Bank when it was caught red-handed laundering counterfeit securities and heroin profits for the Gambino crime family.

Another prominent and decorated member of the Knights of Malta was a man known as "Hitler's paymaster" -- Herman Abs. Abs was chair of the Deutsche Bank from 1940 to 1945. He was also a board member of the notorious I.G. Farben Co. His role was well known to the Nuremberg Tribunal and every book on the Third Reich discusses his role. Abs was convicted of war crimes in absentia in Yugoslavia. Nevertheless, after the war Abs retained his top banking position and reorganized German finances in the interests of U.S. financial domination.
It is alleged that the number one activity of the Augustan Society is intelligence gathering and that several members of the Society began working together three of four years before officially incorporating it as a legal entity (thus dating it back to circa 1954 – of which more later). It is also said that it is an intelligence front for SMOM, the official Vatican Order of the Knights of Malta.

The Augustan Society was originally located in Torrance, California, a location that gave rise to an insider adage “when you hear a sneeze in Torrance, you hear a ‘God Bless you’ on the Via Condotti.” The Via Condotti is the location of the Palazzo di Malta in Rome, the HQ of SMOM. The SMOM connection to this story is not without considerable interest. Members of this order have included such nazi notables as Dr. Herman Abs, a director of I G Farben and Deutsche Bank and who was known as “Hitler’s paymaster.” Robert Gayre, one of the founders of the Augustan Society was awarded the Grand Cross of Merit of SMOM. Another to be honoured by SMOM was nazi spymaster, Reinhard Gehlen – discussed above – who received the prestigious Grand Cross of Merito Melitense in 1948. Another honoured by SMOM was James Jesus Angleton, to whom we shall return shortly. Neither of the Dulles brothers were honoured by this August body simply because they were Protestants rather than Catholics.

Circumstantial evidence:
When, in 1983, the Vatican was finally forced to establish an "independent'' commission to study the relationship between its IOR (since 1970 Ñ and still Ñ headed by Chicago-born Bishop Paul Marcinkus) and the P-2/Banco Ambrosiano criminal fascists, two of the three members selected were Hermann Abs and Joseph Brennan.

Abs, who features in nearly every book on the Third Reich and the Nuremberg trials, was Hitler's paymaster, as chairman of the Deutsche Bank from 1940 to 1945, and was a member of the board of I.G. Farben. He regained the board chairmanships of both firms after the war, even though in Yugoslavia he had been convicted of war crimes in absentia. In 1953 he received the Great Federal Service Cross for his services in restoring West Germany's financial power; and in 1960 he was decorated by Franco for his "services" to fascist Spain.24

The choice of Abs for the Vatican commission of inquiry was so outrageous that at the urging of Charles Higham, the Wiesenthal Center issued a special packet of documents clearly showing Abs's involvement in war crimes and publicly protested to the Vatican, all to no avail.
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