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William Barron Hilton

William Barron Hilton - Head o/t Hilton Hotel Chain

Steve, Barron & Matt Hilton

Barron Hilton

Chairman, Hilton Hotels Corporation

October 23, 1927 - )
Barron Hilton was born on October 23, 1927 in Dallas, Texas. In 1935, he moved to Southern California, where he continues to make his home today.

This inductee has proven his business acumen in a variety of industries. After serving in the U.S. Navy during World War II as a photographer, his first business venture was the acquisition of a Los Angeles area distributorship of Vita-Pakt Citrus Products, an orange juice business that processed and delivered the juice house-to-house. In 1960, he entered the arena of professional sports, founding the Los Angeles Chargers professional football team, and later moving them to San Diego. This inductee was also a founder and served as president of the American Football League.

In 1954, Mr. Hilton joined Hilton Hotels as vice president, and in 1966, he assumed the responsibility as president and chief executive officer of Hilton Hotels Corporation. In February of 1979, he assumed the additional responsibility of chairman of the board. He is credited with expanding Hilton Hotels' credit card operation into the universal Carte Blanche system and was also responsible for developing the Hilton Inn franchise program.

Barron Hilton expanded his company into Nevada gaming with the purchase of the Las Vegas Hilton and the Flamingo Hilton in 1970. These two hotel/casinos accounted for roughly half of the company's total operating income and made Hilton Hotels Corporation the first FORTUNE 500 and New York Stock Exchange company to enter the gaming business. In 1982, Hilton Hotels Corporation re-entered the international market by introducing the Conrad International Hotels brand name. Today, Hilton Hotels Corporation has 499 properties worldwide with a total of 147,667 rooms.

In September 1956, Barron Hilton formed the Air Finance Corporation for the purpose of leasing aircraft to commercial airlines. On a personal note, this inductee is an avid aviation enthusiast who owns and flies his own biplane, helicopter, aerobatic planes, several hot air balloons, and sailplanes, for which he hosts an annual competition. He has also been instrumental in the quest to fly a balloon around the world, backing attempts by the Earthwinds Hilton, Global Hilton and Global Quest teams.

Barron Hilton was instrumental in the initial gift of $1.5 million to build the Conrad N. Hilton College of Hotel & Restaurant Management, as well as the subsequent donation that made possible the construction of the College's South Wing complex. He has also given of his time to numerous organizations, such as serving as Trustee of the City of Hope, Saint John's Hospital, the Health Center Foundation, and the World Mercy Fund. He is a Chevalier of the Confrerie de la Chaine des Rotisseurs, and has been involved with the Mutual of Omaha Crisis Award, the Sovereign Military Order of Malta, and the PEACE Foundation Council. In 1998, Pope John II admitted both Barron and Marilyn Hilton into the Pontifical Order of St. Gregory the Great. (Proof Positive)
La Orden de Malta esta formada por 11.000 caballeros y damas entre lo más escogido de la nobleza, pero también está abierta a la sociedad civil. (The Order of Malta is formed by 11,000 Knights and Dames and derives its membership from among the nobility, but is also accessible to the civil community.) [...]
En el mundo, los empresarios Lee lacocca (Chrysler), Barron Hilton (Hoteles Hilton), el ex presidente francés Valèry Giscard D'Estaing, Prescott Bush (tío del actual presidente de EE.UU.) o Alexander Haig (secretario deEstado con Ronald Reagan) son otros hospitalarios destacados. (In the world, Lee Iacocca, Barron Hilton (Hilton Hotels), [...] are other notable Hospitalers.) (Proof Positive II)
Hilton is a director of The Conrad N. Hilton Foundation, The Southern California Visitors Council, and the Executive Council on Foreign Diplomats. He is an honorary director of the Boy Scouts of America and of the Great Western Council. Hilton is a Trustee of the City of Hope, Saint John's Hospital and Health Center Foundation in Santa Monica, California, the World Mercy Fund, the Eisenhower Medical Center, and the Criminal Justice Legal Foundation. He is a Chevalier of Confrerie de la Chaine Des Rotisseurs, a Magisterial Knight of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta, a member of Conquistadores del Cielo, the International Order of St. Hubert, the PEACE Foundation Council, and the National Honorary Advisory Committee of the Naval Aviation Museum Foundation. In 1986, the University of Houston conferred an honorary degree of Doctor of Humane Letters, and he was inducted into the Culinary Institute of America's Hall of Fame.

In 1998, Hilton received the honorary title of Knight Commander of St. Gregory the Great, a Catholic honor. He and his wife are generous donors to Catholic causes. Hilton has also received the Ellis Island Medal of Honor and the Freedom of Flight Award. On the list of the 400 Richest People in America, hotelier William Barron Hilton came in last, with a fortune of $500 million.
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