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David L. Garrison

David L. Garrison - Vice President of Finance of CheckFree Corporation; Founder and CEO of ec payments

CheckFree Corporation (CheckFree) is an electronic payment processing company providing financial electronic commerce products and services. It operates through three divisions. Through its Electronic Commerce Division, CheckFree enables consumers to receive and pay bills.[...]

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Published on: 5/19/1999 Last Visited: 8/21/2001

David L. Garrison , CEO - Founder

Mr. Garrison has over 20 years experience in the areas of financial auditing , financial management , and electronic commerce. He is one of the leading industry experts in electronic transaction processing and consumer bill payment.

Prior to founding ec payments in 1999 , he was Senior Vice President of Payment Strategies in the Business Development Division of CheckFree. Mr. Garrison joined CheckFree in 1983 as Vice President of Finance.

Prior to joining CheckFree Mr. Garrison worked for Deloitte & Touche ( formerly Touche Ross & Co ) in Cincinnati , Ohio.

Mr. Garrison holds a BA in Accounting from Mount Vernon Nazarene College , Mount Vernon , Ohio , an MBA from Miami University , Oxford , Ohio and is a Certified Public Accountant , State of Ohio ( non-practicing status ).

About ec payments

Founded in 1999, ec payments, inc. has developed a payment management infrastructure for both e-commerce and legacy business applications. Companies leverage the Internet-based service to fulfill and manage all types of payments with no modification to existing systems, thereby gaining the cost and productivity benefits of an outsourced Internet solution with virtually no up front investment or risk. ec payments, inc. is headquartered in Atlanta, GA.

David L. Garrison - philanthropist, Constantinian knight, knight of Malta, Papal knight;

David L. Garrison (deceased)

http://www.smom.org/files/annual-report-2006.pdf (listed under 'sovereign circle', page 16) (Proof Positive)
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