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John D. J. Moore

John D. J. Moore - Lawyer; US Ambassador to Ireland; Chancellor of SMOM; Board of Directors of WR Grace & Co.; OSS and CIA agent

John D. J. Moore, an Executive And a Former Envoy, Dies at 77

Published: September 13, 1988

John D. J. Moore, a lawyer and executive and a former United States Ambassador to Ireland, died of bone cancer yesterday at his home in Manhattan. He was 77 years old.

Mr. Moore was named Ambassador by President Richard M. Nixon in 1969 and served six years, the longest tenure of any American envoy to Ireland. He negotiated the aviation agreement that brought to fruition a 20-year effort by the United States to obtain landing rights for American carriers in Ireland.

Mr. Moore, a lifelong New Yorker, was a graduate of Yale and the Yale Law School. He practiced law with the firm of White & Case before becoming assistant corporation counsel under Mayor Fiorello H. LaGuardia and an assistant district attorney under Frank S. Hogan.

Mr. Moore later joined W. R. Grace & Company and became a vice president at its headquarters in New York. He traveled extensively in Latin America and Europe and was chairman of the Latin American committee of the Business Council and vice chairman of the Council of the Americas. Adviser to Nixon

Mr. Moore received the Order of Merit of Equador and the Gold Insignia of the Pan American Society of the United States. In 1958 and 1959, he accompanied then Vice President Nixon to South America and the Soviet Union, serving as an adviser.

He was also a founder and first chairman of the Ireland-United States Council, which promotes economic relations between the two countries. His longtime interest in problems of the mentally ill led to his service as vice president of the American Schizophrenia Foundation and to his establishment in 1960 of the Family Care Foundation for the Mentally Ill.

Mr. Moore's wife, the former Mary Foote, died in 1975. He is survived by a son, John D., of San Marino, Calif.; four daughters, Dr. Anne Lisio and Martha Battles, both of New York, Julia Bartholomew, of Philadelphia, and Mary, of Boston; a brother, Richard, of Washington, and 10 grandchildren.
Knights of Malta

Acronym/Code: SMOM (Sovereign Military Order of Malta)

Record date: 11/91


[...]John D. J. Moore (chancellor; U. S. Ambassador to Ireland under Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford)
"Wotta Knight," New York Daily News, 1/9/83 (Alexander Haig and Rev. Francis Haig). (NOTE: Other Knights in key positions of power include the following: [...] John D.J. Moore (Amb. Ireland, Grace Co.),
The Chancellor of the Order, John D. J. Moore, was a Director of the Grace company until at least 1982 having been with the company since 1946 managing its Peruvian operations from 1947-1950. From 1969-1975 Moore was the U.S. Ambassador to Ireland.
Passionate is also a good description of Grace's feelings about peace activists, affirmative action, environmental programs, government bureaucracy and the media, all of which he loathes. Described by one biographer as "a living example of the roots of Reaganism," Grace hates the New Deal and passionately yearns for a time when business was unfettered. But he also stands in the older SMOM tradition of kings and crusading knights. His stamp on the eastern chapter of SMOM, which he has led for many years, is clearly reflected in the choice of members, eight of whom are on the board of W.R. Grace, including the order's chancellor, John D.J. Moore, former U.S. ambassador to Ireland.
An earlier version of this page speculated that the identity of the author of this page was John D. J. Moore, the American Ambassador to Ireland in 1972. Ambassador Moore (1910 to 1988) was appointed by President Nixon in 1969 and served until 1975. He had been a member of the OSS and CIA. He was also a Knight of Malta.
But there is one institution that stands out as the center of the SMOM in the United StatesW.R. Grace & Company. J. Peter Grace, the company chairman, is also president of the American section of SMOM. No less than eight knights, including the chancellor of the order, John D.J. Moore (who was ambas-sador to Ireland under Nixon and Ford), are directors of W.R. Grace.
"Today one corporation stands out as the center of SMOM in the US - W. R. Grace & Co. J. Peter Grace, company chairman, is president of the US SMOM." On the board of W. R. Grace are eight knights, including John D. J. Moore, "who was ambassador to Ireland under Presidents Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford," and Felix Larkin "former Department of Defense general counsel."
Ireland 1969-1976

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