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James David Watkins

Admiral James David Watkins - Chief of Naval Operations; US Secretary of Energy

Admiral James David Watkins (born on March 7, 1927) is a retired U.S. Navy officer and former Chief of Naval Operations who also served as U.S. Secretary of Energy during the George H. W. Bush Administration and chaired U.S. government commissions on HIV/AIDS and ocean policy. Watkins has also served on the boards of various companies and other nongovernmental organizations.

Watkins' important positions within the United States Government include:

* Chief of Naval Operations during part of the Reagan Administration (1982-1986)
* Chairman of the Watkins Commission on AIDS (1987-1988)
* Secretary of Energy (1989 - 1993)
* Chairman of the United States Commission on Ocean Policy (also known as the Watkins Commission) (2001-2004)

He has also served (and serves) several non-Governmental roles:

* A Director of the Joint Oceanographic Institutions, Inc. (1993 - 2000)
* A Director of GTS Duratek since April 1997
* A Director of Southern California Edison Co.
* A Director of International Technology Corp.
* A Director of Philadelphia Electric Co.
* A Director of VESTAR Inc.
* Trustee, Carnegie Corporation of New York (1993-1998)
* President of the Consortium for Oceanographic Research and Education (1994-March 2001)
* Member, Naval Academy Endowment Trust Board of Directors
* Life Member, USNA Alumni Association
* Member of the Board of Directors of the U.S. Naval Academy Foundation
In 1983, Watkins was inducted as a Knight of Malta

Energy Secretary James D. Watkins sworn into office, March 9, 1989.

In addition to those listed in the article, the following are some other Knights of SMOM of interest:
Admiral James D. Watkins, Reagan's recently named Chief of Naval Operations.

Adm. Watkins has also been decorated by many foreign nations, including Brazil, Korea, Italy, France, Spain, Japan, Pakistan and Sweden. He was also inducted as a Knight of Malta, an international order of leading Catholic laymen dedicated to humanitarian service, in June 1983.

Admiral James Watkins ('Patron' in the Development section p20; Proof Positive)
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