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Bill Donovan

Major General William Joseph "Wild Bill" Donovan - Wartime head of the OSS and co-founder of the CIA

Major General William Joseph Donovan, KBE United States Army (January 1, 1883 – February 8, 1959) was an American soldier, lawyer and intelligence officer, best remembered today as wartime head of the Office of Strategic Services (OSS). He is also widely known as the "father" of today's Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

In June 1941, Donovan received what would be his most important assignment: Roosevelt named him Coordinator of Information (COI). This made him the first overall chief of the United States Intelligence community, which at the time was fragmented into Army, Navy, Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), United States Department of State, and other interests. The FBI retained its independence, and control of intelligence in South America, at the insistence of FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover.

It was Donovan who crucially organised the COI's New York headquarters in Room 3603 of Rockefeller Center in October, 1941 and asked Allen Dulles to head it; the offices Dulles took over had been the location of the operations of Britain's MI6.

In 1942, the COI became the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) and Donovan was returned to active duty in his World War I rank of colonel (by war's end, he would be promoted to major general). The OSS was responsible for espionage and sabotage in Europe and in parts of Asia. The OSS was kept out of South America by Hoover's hostility to Donovan, and out of the Philippines by the antipathy of Douglas MacArthur.

For many years, the exploits of the OSS remained secret, but in the 1970s and 1980s, significant parts of the OSS history were declassified, making Donovan a household name to a new generation.

After Roosevelt's death, Donovan's political position, which depended on his personal connection to the President, was substantially weakened. He argued forcefully for the retention of the OSS in the years after the war, but President Harry S. Truman was not interested (although the subsequent formation of the CIA did generally follow a related proposal initiated by Donovan).

Allied commanders in Southeast Asia plot the war, late 1944. Standing: Major General Wedemeyer, commanding China theater; seated, left to right: Lieutenant General Daniel I. Sultan, commanding Burma-India theater; Admiral Lord Louis Mountbatten, Supreme Allied commander, Southeast Asia Command; and Major General William J. ("Wild Bill") Donovan, chief of U.S. Office of Strategic Services.
The founding fathers of the CIA William "Wild Bill" Donovan and Allen Dulles were knights, as were many other CIA hierarchy including Ronald Reagan's director William Casey and JFK's director John McCone. According to "Watergate" journalist Carl Bernstein, Casey gave Pope John Paul II unprecedented access to CIA intelligence including spy satellites and agents.

In fact, one could blame the start of the Cold War upon "Wild Bill" Donovan personally. At the end of the First World War Donovan led a secret mission to Siberia to observe the Russian Revolution. Due to his reconnaissance an American unit was sent to fight the Russian Bolsheviks who were broadly considered Allies, as they were still fighting the Germans alongside the British and the French in the trenches of Europe. The American troops could not understand why they were being ordered to burn the villages and kill "these poor and hungry peasants, who've been treated so terribly by their rulers", as one "doughboy" wrote to his wife. It is historically un-American to side with the aristocratic powers of Europe against the common man. Donovan's motives for fighting the Bolsheviks could only have been due to his Vatican/Knights of Malta allegiances, as at this time the Russian Revolution was no threat to the American Republic. As a consequence in July 1944 Pope Pius XII awarded Donovan the 'Grand Cross of the Order of St. Sylvester', the oldest and most prestigious of papal knighthoods, and the highest Catholic award ever received by an American. Less than one hundred men have received this award throughout history.

The Knights of Malta's key spheres of control are Africa and Latin America, and include many dictators such as mass murderer General Pinochet in their ranks.

Membership in Latin America includes Masonic lodge "P2" fascists and many surviving Nazi players, who are directly responsible for the formation of the modern neo-Nazi movement. Knight and Nazi escapee Otto "Scarface" Skorzeny, who led a commando raid on the Cathar region of France in search of occult artifacts including the Holy Grail, played a major role in the Vatican's "Rat Run". He was a close friend of Argentinian president and knight Juan Peron, who recent CIA documents prove was also involved in the laundering of Nazi gold through the Vatican Bank. Conveniently for Nazi members who did not escape Europe, William Donovan served as chief aide to the American prosecutor at the post-war Nuremberg trials, after handing over the reigns of the OSS/CIA to fellow knight Allen Dulles.

As Roman Catholic author Penny Lernoux reveals in her "People of God": "After the war, the Vatican, the OSS, the SS, and various branches of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta joined to do battle against the common Soviet enemy - and to help Nazi war criminals escape... Baron Luigi Parrilli, an Italian aristocrat and Knight of Malta/papal chamberlain, took part in negotiations between SS leaders and the CIA's Allen Dulles."


As the Cold War intensified, former Vatican agent and knight Joseph H. Retinger, acting on behalf of the Vatican and the Priory of Sion, effectively forged ties with the European Council of Princes (the respectable name for the Dragon Sovereignty), the CIA, and Britain's MI6 to create the New World Order think-tank "The Bilderberg Group", of which Henry Kissinger is a permanent member. It's first chairman was Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands, who held that position for the next 22 years, until a financial scandal forced him to resign. His daughter, Shell Oil co-owner Queen Beatrix regularly attends meetings, as do ample other European aristocratic players. The undemocratic "Bilderberg Group" continues to play a major part in international affairs, and remains closed to public scrutiny and participation.

Documents show that New York's Cardinal Francis Spellman was directly involved in the 1954 right-wing military coup of Guatemala, which led to the murder of thousands, and of which the CIA has acknowledged complicity. He has also been linked to neo-Nazi group "P2" and the Mafia by his long involvement with "P2" member Archbishop Paul Marcinkus of Chicago, former head of the Vatican Bank, who was under serious suspicion by Italian authorities for the untimely death of Pope John Paul I. Cardinal Spellman was not only an old friend of CIA creator "Wild Bill" Donovan (who previously had a law firm in New York) but was the actual head of the Knights of Malta in America throughout the 40's, 50's and 60's, and was responsible for vast sums of money raised from its members, who have to pay thousands annually to remain in the order.

Donovan depicted by DeNiro in movie "The Good Shepherd"

Vatican Awards:
# Lateran Medal (Vatican)
# Order of St. Sylvester (Vatican)

Knight William Donovan served as chief aide to the American prosecutor at the post-war Nuremberg trials, after handing over the reigns of the OSS/CIA to fellow Knight Allen Dulles.
Circumstantial evidence:
When Rome was liberated in 1944 Morlion and Pro Deo relocated there. In recognition of Donovan's good works on behalf of Pro Deo, Pope Plus XII knighted him with the Grand Cross of the Order of St. Sylvester. And before he flew off to Washington to cut his deal with the CIA, Reinhard Gehlen received the Sovereign Military Order of Malta award from the Pontiff. So did James Jesus Angleton, a Donovan operative in Rome who became the CIA's chief of counterintelligence.

Circumstantial evidence:
During and after WWII, Roman Catholic William ["Wild Bill"] Donovan headed the OSS [American forerunner of the CIA]. Donovan was decorated in July 1944 by Pope Pius XII with the Grand Cross of the Order of St. Sylvester, "the Vatican's highest award, for a lifetime of public and secret service to the [Roman] Catholic Church".

Circumstantial evidence:
William “Wild Bill” Donovan, founder of the OSS, which was the predecessor to the CIA. They didn’t call him “Wild Bill” for nothing; his legend is well-deserved. Pope Pius XII awarded Donovan the Grand Cross of the Order of St. Sylvester; less than 100 of these have been given out throughout history.

Circumstantial evidence:
Most of his adult life, G.H.W. Bush had been a member, and for a while director, of the Central Intelligence Agency, an organization founded in 1947 by William J. (“Wild Bill”) Donovan for the purpose of providing “special means” to insure Vatican influence over the secular world and subsidized by American taxpayers. Donovan was a devout Roman Catholic, decorated in July 1944 by Pope Pius XII with the Grand Cross of the Order of St. Sylvester, “the Vatican’s highest award, for a lifetime of public and secret service to the [Roman] Catholic Church.”


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